Perforated Window Graphics

Perforated Car Window Decals

If you need affordable advertisement for brand promotion, perforated car window decals are a top product to consider. Square Signs offers top-quality see-through car window graphics with shipping across the US and Canada. Personalize your own custom rear window perforated decal and other adhesives through our user-friendly design tool and order it right away.

Perforated or see-through car window decals are legal in most places across the United States and Canada. They don’t obscure the driver’s sight to assure a safe driving experience. Please check your local and state regulations before application.

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Benefits of Perforated Car Window Decals

Here are the top advantages of perforated window decals for cars in terms of promotion and safety:

  • Affordable glass advertisement
  • Clear visibility for the driver
  • Vibrant images from outside
  • Simple and speedy installation
  • 3+ year durability with proper care
  • UV-cured and fade-resistant inks
  • Fully modifiable text and graphics

Perforated Rear Window Decals

A big back windshield is a prime spot for this product. Use it to show off your personal style or highlight a spectacular promotion. You can get original perforated rear window graphics to convey any message you like in vibrant quality. Evenly-pierced punctures on see-through rear window decals will allow maximum visibility from inside and full-color promotions from outside.

Perforated Car Side Window Decals

Some states only allow smaller see-through window graphics for cars since the application of large vinyl covers onto the back glass is regulated by law. With our help, you can create a perforated car window decal for back and side glasses that’s safer and simpler to install.

Perforated Car Window Decals By Vehicle Type

Every successful enterprise relies on effective marketing. Need to cover the back and side glasses of an automobile with see-through car window advertising? You’ll need to obtain an attractive perforated car window decal for your promotional campaign.

Perforated Truck Window Decals

With a high promotional value, see-through truck window decals are among the most popular types of this product. The UV-printed perforated truck window decals highlight any glass on the automobile while maintaining clear visibility from inside.

The back windshield is the best part of a pick-up truck to showcase marketing and decorative content thanks to the prominent surface area it provides. Perforated truck window decals are an ideal tool for whatever text and images you can envision.

Perforated Van Window Decals

Highlight your van for a marketing campaign by wrapping it with see-through car window advertising content. Get your promotions printed on car decals and perforated car window graphics. Apply the materials separately onto the glass and metal parts to transform it into a moving commercial.

Perforated Sedan Window Decals

When it comes to personalizing your ride or promoting a brand on your sedan, large perforated rear window decals are an ideal adhesive. Measure the surface you want to cover and get see-through rear window decals that are slightly larger to account for any curves. After installing them, cut the extra edges with a razor to provide a smooth finish.

Materials for Perforated Car Window Decals

We use premium vinyl for see-through car window decals with evenly pierced micro punctures all over the surface. They have a 70/30 ratio of print to perforation, allowing the print to be visible from outside while your view remains clear from inside. With a 6.3 mil thickness, see-through car window decals are durable for installation. They lift off smoothly and don’t leave any residue on the glass after removal.

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