Full Vinyl Wrap

Professional Grade Car Wraps for You

If you’ve been thinking of a complete color change for your vehicle but just couldn’t justify the cost of a factory-style paint job, you’ll be excited to know that premium quality vinyl wraps are a great, affordable option. Made from premium quality car wrap films available in over two hundred different finishes and colors, these vinyl vehicle wraps are adhesive-backed and just waiting to be applied. 

DIY customers, professional automotive restylers and vinyl film wrappers use these films to create amazing custom cars, and now you can too! Save time and money by doing it yourself and personalize your car, truck, SUV, van or motorcycle in a snap with our vehicle wraps.

What Can Car Wraps Do for You?

Whether you’ve been thinking of a complete color change or just a partial car wrap, we’ve got the right vinyl wrap in the right size for you. Both our Rwraps™ and 3M™ car wraps are meant to be applied over your factory paint finish and are removable so you can take them off without damaging the underlying surface. We’ve listed the approximate sizes you may need for commonly wrapped areas below:

It’s important to note that these all-vehicle wraps are only suitable for application to factory-finished paint. They are not intended for aftermarket-finished paint as these finishes will not have been cured to the same level as factory paint jobs. Also, when choosing your vinyl car wrap, carefully measure the area or component to be wrapped and select the appropriate amount of material needed, remembering to factor in an overhang that will be trimmed after application.

Our Car Wraps Specs

Our vinyl car wraps are made for use right out of the box — there’s no need to print or apply an overlaminate or any additional adhesives. Since they’re manufactured with dual-color layers for dimensional stability and durability, you can depend on them not to discolor or deform even around the craziest of curves. Enjoy the convenience and quality of our pro-grade, DIY-ready films and get to wrapping.

  • Dual-cast vinyl film in a wide variety of colors
  • Available in over 200 colors and finishes
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • Invisible, air-drain channels for bubble-free results
  • Sold by the foot in widths of 12, 24, 60-inch rolls (Series 1080 is only available in 60-inch wide format)
  • Semi-permanent and removable

Vinyl Car Wrap Colors

Vinyl car wraps allow you to customize your car with a huge range of colors, textures and patterns that would be impossible — or impossibly expensive — to achieve by other means. Our vinyl finishes are available in hundreds of solid color options that you can mix and match, plus additional finishes like gloss, satin, carbon fiber, matte, shade shifter, camo, metallic and chrome.

Select your desired finish, and order as much or as little vinyl as you need to complete your wrap. We offer all of our vinyl in various sizes, ranging from small sheets to huge bulk rolls. This variety allows you to cover every vehicle, from motorcycles and small compacts to large RVs and semi-trucks. Always order a little more than you think you’ll need to give yourself some wiggle room.

Car vinyl wrap: upgrade the look and feel of your vehicle & protect it from damage

Vinyl wrapping is a common practice undertaken in the automotive aftermarket. It involves applying a special vinyl wrap to the exterior surface of a car body to be held in place by strong adhesive.  In addition to being one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to alter the appearance of your vehicle, vinyl wraps also have the advantage of protecting the original paintwork and can be removed later if necessary.

Benefits of wrapping your car in vinyl

Here are four great reasons to consider vinyl wrapping if you want a new look for your car.

1. Get a unique look with creative customization

Car vinyl comes in an almost endless range of colors, textures, and patterns (unlike stock paint, which only comes in a limited number of colors). From black vinyl to wrap that gives a carbon fiber look, you can have it all. Car wrap can even be made with custom graphics. With so many options to choose from, you can let your imagination run wild when you design a new look for your car. You can even advertise your business by designing a wrap featuring your company logo or text.

2. Wrap is cheaper and faster than a new paint job

Getting a professional paint job for your car can cost $7,000-8,000 more than a vinyl wrap job — or even more, depending on the type of paint used. It typically takes a week or more to complete a quality paint job. By comparison, vinyl wrapping is a much more cost effective solution to transform the appearance of your car. It is also much quicker – typically around 2-3 days — so you can get back on the road sooner.

3. Paint protection

If you’ve owned a vehicle for any length of time, you’re no doubt aware of how easily paintwork can be scratched or damaged by cleaning tools, debris on the road, or other factors. Vinyl wrapping helps to protect your car exterior from damage or fading in the sun. This keeps the original paintwork in good condition and helps maintain the resale value of your automobile.

4. Keep your options open

Unlike paint, which is permanent and cannot be changed easily, vinyl film is removable. That means you can alter the look of your car with vinyl without permanently changing the vehicle. Later, if you decide you want to return the car to its original state, this can be done by removing the vinyl.  This flexibility is also a benefit if you later come to sell your car, as changes you made to its appearance are not permanent and can be undone if so desired.

With so many types of car wrap available on the market, it pays to take your time and think carefully about the right color and material of vinyl film you will install on your car. Selecting the best vinyl for your car can really upgrade the look of the entire vehicle. But some wraps that look great on certain cars might not suit other vehicles at all. At Tinting Chicago, you can choose from top industry brands and manufacturers that offer different choices in terms of appearance, gloss, finish, materials, and style.

Color options

Automotive vinyl wraps come in countless color options. Choosing the right color can create a striking effect or contrast that can totally change the appearance and feel of your car. For example, wrapping a car roof in black vinyl tends to visually “lower” a vehicle and makes it look extra sleek. Red, silver, green, or grey vinyl are also popular choices. For something a little more “out there” you can even opt for a chameleon wrap or camo vinyl.

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